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Visual Studio 2010 | John's Corner


Visual Studio 2010

Having an MSDN subscription I’ve been lucky enough to get Visual Studio 2010 a couple of days early. I’ve installed it happily on my Vista installation (main dev box) and it runs faster (IMHO) than VS2008 does, so I’m dead chuffed!

I then tried installing it on my Win 7 installation (dev laptop), but the damn things always bombs out with the following dialog when the progress bar completes

on this screen

I’ve tried disabling Anti Virus (AVG), removing the external HD it was running from and running it locally, I’ve tried running it from the local HD in CloneDrive as opposed to from the external HD, I’ve tried removing CloneDrive and I’ve even copied the contents of the ISO to a local folder and run it that way. But still no joy.

I thought I’d be smart and check the event logs, but nope, they just said it had completed successfully :P Oddly enough Professional works…

Ah well, if anyone else has any ideas as to why this might have happened I’m open to suggestions :)

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