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Slides and code from DDDSW | John's Corner


Slides and code from DDDSW

I’ve popped my slides and code on my sky drive, they can be downloaded from here.

I had an excellent time, and really enjoyed giving the talk, as well as going to the other talks :)  Guy and the team deserve every kudos going for putting on such an excellent event!  Hopefully I’ll be back next year :)

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3 Responses to Slides and code from DDDSW

  1. Sarkie says:

    In order to get it working in Visual 2008, change the first two lines in the .sln files.Change Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 11.00toMicrosoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 10.00and # Visual Studio 2010to# Visual Studio 2008:)

  2. Sarkie says:

    and, the Services demo doesn't seem to work for meThe Unity container isn't set in ModuleTwo. public ModuleTwo(IModuleOneService service, IRegionManager regionManager) { //_unityContainer = unityContainer; _moduleOneService = service; _regionManager = regionManager; }so I changed it to public ModuleTwo(IModuleOneService service, IRegionManager regionManager, IUnityContainer unityContainer) { _unityContainer = unityContainer; _moduleOneService = service; _regionManager = regionManager; }and it works. Odd?

  3. Cheers Dave, the problem with the Services solutions was a left over from some tinkering we did during the talk.I've fixed it now so that you start off with the service being injected, but can change the commented lines to use the unity container for resolution :)If you download it again, you're have the fixed code.

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