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IIS 7.5, Windows 7 and the mystery of the 0×80070020 | John's Corner


IIS 7.5, Windows 7 and the mystery of the 0×80070020

Tonight I was doing a bit of last minute prep for a demonstration to the customer the following morning.  I was running through some WF WCF services I’d written in VS2010, when I decided I should probably give them a spin in IIS.  I wasn’t expecting any problems…

So I did a simple File System deploy to my local IIS instance and tried loading up the service.  I got back a 404, how odd I thought, maybe Chrome is playing silly bugger and tried it in IE, nope still a 404.  I tried a second service and got the same result!

So I spun up the IIS Manager, checked the setting for my application and restarted IIS thinking maybe something screwy had gone on there… Nope, still 404ing.

I then checked the Default Web Site and low it was not running, east I thought I’ll just start it, and I was presented with this lovely dialog.


“The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (Exception from HResult: 0×80070020)”, what a clear and verbose error :P  After a bit of Binging I found this article on MSDN that described my problem perfectly, someone had already taken ownership of either port 80 or 443!

I’d recently installed Skype on my machine to talk to my client and that’s when it’d stopped working.  After digging through the Skype Setting I found this:

One de-check later and a restart of Skype and the Default Web Site span up without any issue, my services ran and life returned to calm!  Yay!  Bad Skype!

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